Cash FX Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can we sign up and pay with FIAT money (CASH)?
A: No this is Bitcoin in and Bitcoin out ONLY. You can learn how to buy, sell and transfer Bitcoin in this video.

Q: Why are my trading funds less than the amount I deposited with Cash FX?
A: 15% of your initial package purchase goes towards the purchase of your educational package and 15% goes to paying the fast start bonus to your referrer.

The remaining 70% of your deposit goes into trading.

Your 2X (doubling your initial investment) on the Bear (investment) side is calculated from the entire package amount, not from the 70% put into trade on your behalf.

For example, if you deposit $1,000, you are contracted to receive up to $2,000 on the Bear side, even though you will only see $700 of your deposit went into trade.

Q: After my contract (Trade Academy pack) completes, can I purchase a lower Trade Academy (TA) Contract?
A: No. You can only purchase the same or any of the next levels up from there.

Q: Can I withdraw my initial Trade Academy Contract investment (of 70%)
A: You can only get part of it back. Canceling the contract to get your capital back will not include the 30% of your investment that was used to pay commissions to other members. There is also a penalty for cancelling before your contract expires. This is detailed in the terms, policies and procedures.

To cancel your contract please lodge a CFX support ticket to request cancellation.

Q: Can I upgrade using my existing balance/commissions?
A: Yes, you can. However, the 20% withdrawal fee still applies to upgrades that are paid for from your balance in Cash FX. This is so that other members will still receive commissions, as you will if someone below you upgrades.

Q: How long does it take for my daily trade payouts to kick in?
A: 72 hours (3 BUSINESS DAYS)

Q: What is Bear And Bull Capital?
A: Bear Capital is what you earn from your investment in Cash FX. It's the daily trading profit you earn.

Bull Capital is what you earn from the referral part of the business. It's commissions you earn from referring people directly yourself as well as commissions you earn from other people above and below you who refer people. So you can earn Bear Capital while not referring anyone directly yourself.

You also earn Bull capital when someone below you withdraws their earnings or upgrades their trading contract.

Q: How long does our payout take to start after an upgrade? Do we get a new 72 hour clock to receive trading returns, even though a portion of that upgrade has already been put into the pool with its initial 72 hour clock?
A: Yes you will have the 72-hour waiting time after upgrading, before you will see the trading earnings from the larger package.

Cash FX pre-funded the trading account with a lot of money to begin with so they wouldn't have to move deposits every day to the trade account.

Then they continue to add to the trade account every few days to stay ahead of the overall funds coming in.

This is a very well funded company so they have plenty of funds to start the trading off.

Q: How does the price of Bitcoin affect our Trade Academy Contracts as it rises and falls?
A: It doesn’t. Although contracts are bought with Bitcoin, that cryptocurrency is converted to Fiat USD and deposited into the Forex trade account.

Trading is done in US Dollars on the Forex market, not with Bitcoin on the cryptocurrency market.

Q: How come when we upgrade, our Bear & Bull capital does not reset back to zero ?? And What happens to my initial Trade Academy Contract?
A: It’s because when you upgrade prior to contract fulfillment (i.e. before the contract matures), you are only paying the difference between your current contract the the next contract level.

Therefore, you are expanding your contract vs letting your contract mature and then paying full price for a new contract at that level.

If you do a full price renewal, it resets your contract back to zero vs expanding it only pushing the % back accordingly.

So when you upgrade early you are simply extending the same contract.

Q: If I let my contract expire/mature, do I lose my spot in the Unilevel and Matrix immediately? If not, is there a grace period? Or how does that work?
A: You have 30 days to renew the contract before losing your position in the matrix. But your Unilevel position stays the same as part of that organization.

Q: If my trading contract expires, do I still earn on the other streams of income?
A: If you are building a team, your Bull Cap will most likely accelerate to 2x faster than your Bear Cap.

If your BULL Cap reaches 2x then, no, you will no longer earn from the compensation plan.

You will still continue to earn from the Bear (your actual investment amount) until your Bear reaches the 2x.

In order to continue to earn from team building, you will need to upgrade your Trade Academy Contract.

Q: With any package, as a Bear, after you earn 2x do you have to reinvest to keep earning?
A: Yes. In order to continue to earn you must purchase another package.

Q: When can we withdraw our earnings?
A: Fast start bonuses are instantly credited to your account and can be withdrawn immediately.

In all other cases, as listed below, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $100.
  • Unilevel trading commissions are credited to your account weekly (every Saturday).
  • Trading income is credited to your account weekly (every Saturday).
  • Matrix commissions are credited to your account every 15 days (on the 1st and 15th of the month).
  • ​Matrix Matching commissions are credited to your account every 15 days (on the 1st and 16th of the month).
  • ​Global level 11+ commissions are credited to your account monthly.
  • ​Generational matching commissions are credited to your account monthly.
  • ​Rank Bonuses can be claimed the on the 1st to the 5th of the month and are paid out from the 6th.
With the introduction of the new payment processor, withdrawals should land in your Bitcoin wallet in 24-48 hours rather than the 5 to 7 days it used to take.

There is a 20% fee on all withdrawals which goes back into the program to pay member commissions. It is not used to pay the Cash FX company owners. You will benefit from these commissions when people below you withdraw their earnings.

Q: When can I claim my Leadership Prize for earning a new rank?
A: Prizes will be available to claim from the 1st to the 5th day of the following month, from which you earned the prize.

If you have not claimed your prize by the 5th of the month, you will need to wait until the following month to claim it.

Any prizes requested between the 1st to the 5th of each month will be paid out starting on the 6th of that month (i.e. You win a prize on January 14th, you can claim it between February 1st to 5th and it will be paid out starting on the 6th).
In SPECIAL circumstances, such as a global crisis, market volatility, long delays in exchange times causing drastic negative fluctuation in BTC, etc., prize payouts could take longer to reach your Bitcoin Wallet.

Q:What if I earn more than one rank in a month, which prize do I get?
A: You can only claim the highest rank prize earned during any certain calendar month (i.e. If you went from Executive to Director in one month, you would only be able to claim the Director prize, not both the Manager and Director prizes).

Q: What happens to my BULL commissions after I hit the 200% Cap?
A: After you reach the BULL cap of 200%, any commissions earned from Fast Start or Unilevel will go into the Reserve Cap (Not Missed Yet) Section on both Fast Start and Unilevel payout pages.

You will be given a 7 day grace period from the time you cap from Fast Start and a grace period up to Friday Night for the Unilevel.

As long as you renew your contract and have enough cap room you will NOT lose any commissions.

They will be released once you repurchase your trade contract of a higher level.

As your trade contract would have capped out and expired/matured (as it would have doubled at 200%), you will not be able to just pay the difference and upgrade to a higher pack.

You will need to purchase a new trade pack at the full price.


Q: What times are commissions released?
A: Trading Commission Run: Monday through Friday at midnight.

Trading Commissions are paid every Saturday at 12pm noon EST.

Fast Start bonuses are paid out in real-time.

Uni-level Commission Week: Saturday through Friday midnight.

Uni-level Commissions are credited to your account every Saturday at 12pm noon EST.

Q: When I refer someone and they join using my link what do I earn?
A:You earn a 15% Fast Start Bonus.

This is 15% of your referrer's trade academy contract.

So if they join you with a $10,000 trade contract, you will earn 15% ($1,500) regardless of what level of contract you have yourself (even if that's only a $300 contract).

There are no pass ups to your sponsor - you keep the full 15% Fast Start bonuses.

Q: When I upgrade do I pay the whole amount or Trade Academy Contract balance?
A: You pay the contract balance only if you upgrade before you reach the Bull/Bear Cap 2x (200% for either one).

So, if you're upgrading from a $3,000 contract to a $5,000 one, you only pay the $2,000 difference.

Q: What is the Minimum Withdraw Amount?
A: $100. There is a 20% withdrawal fee which goes back into the Matrix compensation plan.

Q: When I request a withdrawal, am I paid with Bitcoin valued at the time they process my payment request?
A: When Cash FX process the payment, the system calculates the current Bitcoin value for your withdrawal amount and pays you that amount of Bitcoin.

The price of Bitcoin can fluctuate quite a bit, so try to wait for a dip in the Bitcoin price before you request a withdrawal (you'll get more Bitcoin this way).

Q: When are Withdrawals Processed?
A: Withdrawal Requests will be processed daily as follows:

Monday through Friday: Paid every 24 hours. (Withdrawals could take more than 7 WORKING DAYS to reach your Bitcoin Wallet, so allow 10 days to receive payouts).

Saturday and Sunday: Paid out every 24 hours. (Withdrawals could take more than 7 WORKING DAYS to reach your Bitcoin Wallet, so allow 10 days to receive payouts).

Here is a full schedule of all payouts below:
  • Trade Earnings Are Run: Monday through Friday at midnight EST. (Could take up to 12 hrs for Trade Earnings to display in your Trading Pool report).
  • Trade Earnings Paid Out To Your Account Balance: Every Saturday at 12pm EST.
  • Fast Start Bonuses Paid Out To Your Account Balance: In real time, once the BlockChain confirms the transaction
  • ​Uni-level Commission Week: Saturday through Friday midnight EST
  • ​Uni-level Paid Out To Your Account Balance: Every Saturday at 12:00pm EST
Matrix Commission Run: (Two Matrix payouts per month):
  • 1st through the 15th at 12am EST of each month, will be paid out on 16th at 12pm EST.
  • 16th through last day of the month at 12am EST, will be paid out on the 1st day of following month at 12pm EST.
Q: What does Registered and Confirmed mean in the pending list?
A: Registered means that someone has joined Cash FX under you, and Confirmed means they have confirmed the email BUT have not yet purchased a Trade Academy Contract.

Q: What Countries does Cash FX operate in?
A: We are worldwide. However, Cash FX does not officially operate in the USA, Canada or North Korea.

People have still joined from these countries by using a VPN, or people outside these countries have registered on their behalf but that is their decision and their risk to take.

Q: How do I reset my 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) ?
A: Ask your upline to submit a support ticket to have your 2FA reset.

Send your Name, Username and the CFX Email you used to your sponsor and ask them to submit a CFX support ticket to have your 2FA reset.

THIS IS THE ONLY WAY for security.

Q: How do I change my email address in CFX?
A: Ask your upline to submit a support ticket to have your email changed.

Send your Name, Username and current CFX Email and NEW CFX email (use a Gmail email address) to your sponsor and ask them to submit a CFX support ticket to have your email changed.

THIS IS THE ONLY WAY for security.

Income Disclaimer: There is no Guarantee that you will make any money and to make significant income from any business online takes hard work, consistency and maximum efforts/action. Never put more than you are willing to lose and always remember that past performance never guarantees future profits! There are no guarantees!